April 14, 2010

Back to Business

It's been a while without any update. Busy period.
Local Motors has just moved from Massachusetts to Arizona. From wet to dry, curved roads to straight avenues, rain to sun, green tree to cactus. New environment, new challenges, but always the same motivation. Even more motivation.
I am also back from a 2 week vacation in Cape Town (South Africa) where I've seen some of the most incredible places in my life. I am now with lots of colors and freshness in my mind and I can't wait to take up the upcoming challenges.


  1. Wow...all kinds of excitement. Congrats on the big move to AZ. I hear from Nyko you're not one for the Boston blizzards, so I bet you're loving the open skies and sun :) Plus, you're close enough to SoCal to make weekend runs to Pacific Coast for some well deserved cruisin' on the PCH and surfing (that is, do you surf?). The South Africa trips sounds like an unforgettable and valuable experience. A close friend of my family recently spent about a month in SA. She started out in Cape Town and then got invited to spend a couple weeks at a plantation doubling as an orphanage far north in the veld...she said it was a very "healing" experience for her. I too would love to visit South Africa one day. Besides, the World Cup is soon... Anyway, welcome back and Cheers, mate!

  2. Thank you very much BB. Actually, I am not a big rain lover, so AZ seems to be closer to what I need :-) ...
    Concerning SoCal, I don't surf yet, but I wish I try some day.

    How are things going on your side?

  3. Things on my side are going well - working full time and now going to school only part time. Working in school mostly on furniture and lighting design...no cars or bikes as of late, but should be in a transportation design course coming up soon. Spring is here, so even more biking and basketball in my spare time!