January 16, 2010

Worlds of Art

A photo to begin this new year. Two worlds facing each other.
On the left "Oscar", representing the Western Culture, based on the idea of perfect proportions. The obsession for the Golden ratio or the Vitruvian Man are both representative examples of centuries of research in Art and Mathematics (which were almost the same discipline till the Industrial Revolution).

On the right, the sculpture of a Gazelle coming from the Republic of Chad. Apart from the fact it represents a page of my family's history, I love it. No Golden Ratio here, but I assume centuries (even more) of handing down unique know-how and Tradition.
The Ethnographic Art (from Africa, Pre-Columbian America or Oceania) are rich of an History, textures, shapes and Colors that remain an important source of inspiration for me.

In addition, I would like to use the opportunity of this post to highlight a friend, Jonathan Kasumba who works on promoting design in Africa and developing an African automotive identity through his Association called AADA. I wish him the best for this New Year.