December 30, 2009

LM Competition (Alaska Motors): Black Snow

Unfortunately, a bit late to enter the competition...


  1. i like it...a simple fun concept, whats the inspiration for this?

  2. Hi Stephen! Thanks for your comment. So, the initial idea was to recreate the shape of the Alaska Dall sheep's horn for the front ski, but sketch after sketch, I lost it quite a bit. On the technical point of view, the Tatra V855 ( is my main reference. The Bee is also a big inspiration for the overall shape and also for the light strong structure of the wings. I chose the yellow colored glass for its ability to enhance contrast in snow conditions. Finally, I called this project "Black Snow" because I was just listening to the "Black Snow" album made by Snowgoons. I hope it make things a bit more obvious... Here is a link to a pic that explains more than 1000 words: . Thanks again.