December 29, 2008

LM Rally Fighter: Styling

"Rally Fighter"
Original concept:
Sangho Kim (a.k.a. deuxfov)
Project contributors: LM Community


  1. This rocks! Aurel, your vision for this is right on down to the Allison Pipes sticking out of the side.

  2. Trés trés bien Aurel!! Great render! Awesome colors, with that unique feeling in every of your sketches!

    P.S. - Thanks a lot for having added my blog to your links list! =)

    keep up! Au revoir!

  3. Crisp and fresh. Very inspiring works there.

    Thanks for adding me ... gave you a reciprocal link.

    About this sketch: looks good, I like the wheelarch idea, however Id refine a bit ... right now looks a bit aftermarket, but Id love to see this idea developed.


  4. Très joli!
    En plus, ça s'améliore nettement côté proportions!

  5. very unique style i like it.. go on!!

  6. Hey man,

    Hi from me too! Good work you've got here. By the way....I saw that some time ago on the local motors website and I was a kind of..."wow, this guys has improved" ..but was too lazy to leave a reply! Here I am

    I particularly liked the side drawing of it - the profile with the red glowing light on the rocker! It's cool!
    By the way....I know this kind of renderings are very specific for your style - I mean the whole thing - the colours, the treatment..everything. Don't know which software you looks to me more like Painter. Have you considered having some mist & dust brushes in Photoshop to have more realistic effect on the drawing. I think it worth trying!

    So much for now ;) keep it cool man!


  7. This is cool!
    Like it very much!
    You've begun to make really interesting car volumes))))
    keep it going!