October 26, 2007

My video for graduation ceremony...

How to conclude my master degree ?... By a video about one of my favorite projects of course ! Thanks to my brother for the music.

September 5, 2007

Inova 07 Replay - POAE

One of the themes of my 2nd POAE internship. Inova projects are made to demonstrate the know-how and creativity of Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior on rear closure systems, with taking end user’s needs, cost and markets into account. The main objective was there to fit the Volvo V50 BIW with EZ/XL gate concept, in order to present a 1:1 mock-up on occasion of the IAA-07 Frankfurt.

January 14, 2007

Wood Mood

That's well known, design students always draw sports cars... Not only ! That time, the working theme was : "Imagine a minimalist package, a new approach of the automotive product, inspired by the furniture world." Well. No big wheels, no oversized exhaust, just references to forms and functions of laundry basket, sliding desk, display cabinet and other marvellous products from the catalogue of IKEA... By the way, Wood Mood runs thanks to a wood-fired boiler. If you run out of firewood, there's a plane-tool between the seats.

January 13, 2007

Nissan Haeru

Nissan Haeru is the final result of the Night Design Project sponsored by Plastic Omnium AE. The brief was "Imagine a mass production vehicle for a specific market, integrating the rise of range notion and exploiting new lighting technologies". Following pictures are a part of my contribution to this 4 student project (Franck, Ju, Sam, & me). Our complete analysis drove us to the japanese market and its typical Kei cars (what about a tiny coupe?). We worked on mandatory functions, safety functions & regard functions but it could be a bit too long to detail all concepts...