December 18, 2016

Sketchover: Osca

2017 is around the corner and I realized I still have a few earlier projects I never published! This one was inspired by a sketch my friend Iulian made for the Local Motors Le Mans Sketchwall Challenge back in 2014. A year later, I turned the side view into a 3D sketch as I was beta testing uMake, an innovative 3D software. I obviously had to spend time in Photoshop before forgetting this project in a folder... Well, until now! 😉

September 26, 2016

Lamborghini LMB8 & LMB12

Formula One, Lamborghini, Autonomous... 
Check out all the other great designs on Agorapode! Cheers!

February 2, 2016

July 30, 2015

Tiramisu #1: Sketch

"Tiramisu" illustrates Local Motors' Direct Digital Manufacturing process (DDM), from a base sketch to the additive & subtractive manufacturing stages.

Coming soon:
Tiramisu #2: 3Doodler
• Tiramisu #3: UMake

May 31, 2015

Work in progress

Hi there, thank you very much for stopping by! 
I initially created this blog back in 2007 to organize and share my portfolio and interact with other car designers and enthusiasts. Due to personal, professional and technical reasons, I put it on hold since early 2011 which means that I have about 4 years of work in the queue! 
Throughout the next few months, I will be posting new, recent and older work every other day. In order to respect the chronology, I plan to post first and then attribute the right date to the project a couple days later when posting a new piece. 

Stay tuned, there is some cool things to come.